Saturday, November 2, 2013

FSU Closing In on Oregon, But It'll Be Short-Lived

Half of the top 10 teams in last week's BCS standings were idle this week, and other than Texas Tech losing in a mild upset, it was a weekend of mostly ho-hum affairs.

(Thank you, Northwestern, for making a complete hash out of your last defensive stand so we could have our YouTube and gif fix for the day, though.)

Florida State won the day's most high-profile showdown, a 41-14 victory over No. 7 Miami. But the Seminoles were favored by three touchdowns so even an impressive win over their intrastate rival might not be enough for them to get into the all-important top two spots in the next BCS standings.

The Noles will close the gap on Oregon and make it very close for the No. 2 spot, thanks to the boost they'll get from the computers. Florida State probably will check in at No. 1 in five of the six BCS computers, with Richard Billingsley the exception. The Noles will need to sway about a dozen voters or so in the two polls to pull ahead of the Ducks for the week.

But even if they move into No. 2 in the next standings, they'll stay there for exactly one week if both Oregon and Alabama win their upcoming showdowns next week. Should the Tide and Ducks go on to beat LSU and Stanford, respectively, and run the table after that, FSU will have reached its high-water mark as it won't have another game that will provide much boost the rest of the season, and that includes the ACC Championship Game.

So with the exception of Miami, the projected BCS standings will look very similar to last week's:

Projected BCS Standings:

1. Alabama, 2. Oregon, 3. Florida State, 4. Ohio State, 5. Stanford, 6. Baylor, 7. Clemson, 8. Missouri, 9. Oklahoma, 10. Auburn.

11. Miami (Fla.), 12. LSU, 13. South Carolina, 14. Texas A&M, 15. Oklahoma State, 16. Fresno State, 17. Northern Illinois, 18. UCLA, 19. Louisville, 20. Michigan State.

21. Central Florida, 22. Texas Tech, 23. Notre Dame, 24. Arizona State, 25. Wisconsin.


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