Friday, November 1, 2013

FSU-Miami 2000 Started All the BCS Troubles

Blame Jeremy Shockey and Ken Dorsey.

When Shockey caught a 13-yard pass from Dorsey with 46 seconds remaining, it cemented Miami's 27-24 victory over Florida State in that 2000 showdown. The outcome of that game also ended up creating a hailstorm of criticism for the nascent BCS and, as a result, four years of constant tinkering that arguably made the system worse.

So it's a bit ironic that in the final year of the BCS era we'll have the first meaningful Miami-FSU game since that fateful tussle in 2000. And as both the Seminoles and Hurricanes are currently on the sidelines of the BCS title race entering Saturday's game, they can look back and blame their predicament on what transpired 13 years ago.

The first two seasons of the BCS (1998 and '99) largely went off without a hitch. The consensus top two teams faced each other in the BCS title games, with Florida State taking part in both—losing to Tennessee in '98 and beating Virginia Tech in '99.


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