Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Guru's BlogPoll (Week 4)

The Guru's BlogPoll ballot, with notes below:

* Yes, you read that right, LSU is my new No. 1 team. Despite the fact that I have picked Oklahoma since the end of last season, I cannot ignore the Bayou Tigers' superior resume. In three of its first four games, LSU has defeated two ranked teams and an SEC foe. And the Tigers' two big wins - over Oregon and West Virginia - were both punctuated with impressive fourth quarters while neither was played at Tiger Stadium.

* No. 2 OU and No. 3 Boise State actually now have a common opponent. Both teams walloped Tulsa at home. Alabama has been impressive, but lacks a signature win (please, don't bring up Penn State), so it stays at No. 4.

* At this point in the season, there is no reason to keep a 2-loss team in the rankings, no matter whom it has played. That's why Florida State is out. The bunch of 1-loss teams on the bottom are ranked based on actual head-to-head results: Arizona State beat USC, and USC beat Utah.

* New teams that made the ballot this week: Georgia Tech, Baylor, Arizona State.

* Conference-by-conference tally: Pac-12 (5), Big 12 (5), SEC (4), Big Ten (4), ACC (3), Big East (2), MWC (1), C-USA (1).


Bill Brown said...


Most of the time I agree with you, and I concur at this time LSU should be on top. But Boise at number 3? Are you kidding me? Ahead of Alabama? Your reasoning, which is usually good, doesn't hold up. Your stated reason is that Bama lacks a signature win. And who exactly has Boise beaten? Georgia? Well so did South Carolina, so shouldn't they be ranked ahead of both Boise and Bama? Please don't give me the closer score argument. It was a comference game between annual rivals in the heat on the road, not a game where an also ran had 8 months to get ready to play in a cool dome with turf. Note also that the Gamecocks had to play a game against a bowl team to start the year.

It will all shake out, yes, but the ranking of Boise at number 3 is a farce.

The Guru said...

Bill- Not a completely unfair comment, but that's why polls are just that, opinion polls.

I do take issue of your calling Boise an "also-ran." Their track record over the past few seasons has established their bona fides. Maybe they play in a lesser conference, but there is no doubt they can play with anybody.