Monday, January 10, 2011

The Guru's BlogPoll Ballot (Final)

The Guru's final BlogPoll ballot of 2010. With notes and tidbits below:

* After some debate on whether TCU or Auburn was more deserving to be No. 1, the Guru settled on the Tigers because of the superior strength of schedule. On balance, the Horned Frogs performed better in the bowl game than Auburn did, but the body of work over the course of the season favored Auburn.

* Every BCS conference team with no fewer than four losses was considered, as were non-BCS conference teams with three or fewer losses. Ultimately, only four of those teams were left out.

* Final conference breakdown: SEC (5), Big 12 (5), Mountain West (4), Big Ten (3), Pac-10 (2), WAC (2), ACC (2), CUSA (2). None for the Big East, MAC, Sun Belt and independents.

* Auburn started out of the top 25, made the ballot in Week 2 and steadily moved up since. This marks the first and only time Auburn is No. 1 on my ballot.

* TCU is the only team that stayed in the top 5 the entire season. The Frogs were No. 5 on the preseason ballot and rose to as high as No. 2, but never No. 1.

* Oregon and Boise State are the only other teams that stayed in the top 10 all season. The Ducks were No. 9 in the preseason, moved to No. 1 for Week 6 and stayed there until the final ballot. The Broncos were No. 3 in the preseason and finished No. 6.

* Ohio State, the preseason No. 1, finished No. 8. Of the 25 teams on my preseason ballot, 13 finished in the top 25.

* Texas (No. 2), Florida (No. 7) and Iowa (No. 8) were in the preseason top 10 but failed to finish in the final top 25. The Longhorns, in fact, finished with a losing season at 5-7.

* In all, 50 teams made the ballot throughout the season.

* Other teams considered for the final ballot: Maryland, N.C. State, West Virginia, Northern Illinois.

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Anonymous said...

SEC dominance, yet again. All hail, the SEC.