Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Much Does Your School Make?

The Orlando Sentinel is publishing a six-part series called "Tough Times: College Sports and the Economy." In today's installment, it looks at how much each athletic department is raking in among the 120 Division I-A schools (Army and Navy declined to furnish their numbers, so it's actually 118).

The top five: Texas, Ohio State, Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin. No surprises there.

The bottom five (from the bottom up): Louisiana-Monroe, Arkansas State, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, Idaho. Again, no surprises there.

The surprises: The top school in the Pac-10, checking in at No. 18, is Stanford, one spot ahead of the University of Southern California. The top school in the ACC is another private institution, Duke at No. 23. Florida State, one of the historically powerhouse football programs, is at No. 53, ahead of only N.C. State and Wake Forest in the ACC and a handful of BCS conference schools.

As expected, the 66 BCS schools are ahead of just about all Coalition (non-BCS) schools. The highest ranked Coalition school is Texas Christian, checking in at No. 58. BYU is next at No. 64. The dead-last BCS school - the only one not in the top 67 - is Mississippi State, at No. 75.

What kind of disparity is there among the richest schools and the poorest ones? The top three schools clear $100 million in total revenue annually. The bottom three, less than $12 million. Texas' athletic department makes $112 million more than Louisiana-Monroe, or roughly 15 times more.

Among the BCS conferences, this is how it shakes down by average:

1. Big Ten: $76.4 million
2. SEC: $71.1 million
3. Big 12: $66.5 million
4. Pac-10: $58.7 million
5. ACC: $54.1 million
6. Big East: $45.5 million

The full-table is on the Orlando Sentinel site. Data courtesy of the U.S. Department of Education.

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