Friday, July 31, 2009

BCS Weekly News Roundup (July 31)

WHO'S FOOTING THE BILL FOR SPORTS? (Orlando Sentinel) - At a time when universities across the country are cutting back on academic programs because of the recession, will the subsidies that help fund intercollegiate sports programs become a political issue?

BIG TEN, PAC-10 HAD NO CHOICE BUT GIVE IN (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) - The Big Ten announced on Monday at its preseason meetings that the five Coalition (non-BCS) conferences will finally have access to the Rose Bowl under the new BCS agreement which begins after the 2010 regular season.

NO CHANGES TO BCS FOR AT LEAST FIVE YEARS (News & Observer) - Even after two Congressional hearings and a plea from President Barack Obama, the Bowl Championship Series won't be changing any time soon. ACC commissioner John Swofford, who is also the chairman of the BCS, said Sunday college football's postseason format is unlikely to change in the next five years.

BCS MIFFED AT COACHES' RETURN TO SECRECY (USA Today) - College football coaches might not get the poll-voting secrecy they thought was coming. Bowl Championship Series coordinator John Swofford and other key conference commissioners make it clear they prefer the final regular-season ballots in the USA TODAY Coaches' Poll — which helps determine the BCS title matchup — continue to be made public.

BCS TIPS BOWL MONEY BALANCE ( - With Senator Orrin Hatch's (R-UT) editorial in this week's Sports Illustrated and congressional hearings ready to get underway tomorrow, I couldn't wait any longer to put up this picture. The figure below shows total NCAA bowl payout revenues adjusted for inflation (2008 dollars, CPI) and divided into revenues that went to BCS conference teams and non-BCS conference teams.

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