Friday, July 31, 2009

Playoff = Money? Really?

Continuing its six-part series, the Orlando Sentinel today looks at why despite the obvious link between playoff games and extra cash, the BCS has been resistant.

(OK, I promise to stop pimping this, but it's a good read, The Guru is quoted in it, and this is the kind of the stuff that might keep newspaper journalism afloat. So go find Part VI yourself tomorrow).

"For the current time, the present moment's problems seem to outweigh the values that would accrue of television from a playoff," said Neal Pilson, former CBS Sports president who now consults for the Rose Bowl. "But the history of sports in the United States seems to indicate when we have elimination games, it attracts a large audience."

If Pilson seems perplexed, he's not the only one. But the dynamics of college football's postseason are truly complex and there is just no easy solution to untangling 100 years of history and the logistical quagmire that comes with a multi-team playoff. And there's no political will, either - don't expect an executive order out of the White House anytime soon.

That's why the Guru will continue to trumpet the four-team playoff - The Only Playoff That Works - until it's implemented. It's a lot better than doing nothing and a little better than what we have now.

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