Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Guru's New Look

The Guru had been on hiatus for some time ... real life, such as wife, kid, job, chores, that kind of stuff, inevitably interferes with obsessions. Then there's the Tour de France.

But just because the Guru spent the last three weeks watching cyclists haul ass up one Alpine or Pyrenees mountaintop after another (while his own derriere was firmly parked on the couch, next to a bag of Doritos), the BCS kept spinning its wheels.

First, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) held a hearing on Capitol Hill, which accomplished exactly ... nothing. Then, word got out that the Rose Bowl has conceded to break up the Big Ten-Pac-10 arrangement, at least once in the next four years - if it all works out. Finally and unequivocally, the BCS poobahs announced that because they like the existing system so much, they'll change not a damn thing until at least through 2013.


All this means the Guru will be safely in business for the next five years, at least. Since I got a contract extension of my own, I decided to dress up a little, to celebrate. Hence the new look.

From now on, all the latest posts will appear below in summary form, with a link to the full article. Also added is a news roundup, featuring the latest in the world of college football as it relates to the BCS. Finally, as a full service Guru, I do RSS, Facebook and Twitter. Just look right and follow the Guru however you like it.

I've got some great stuff for the preseason, featuring killer analyses, predictions, projections and the usual number crunching. And right before the start of the regular season, of course, I will present the one-and-only preseason BCS standings.

Here's to a great 2009 season. And thank you for your continued patronage.

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