Sunday, December 1, 2013

Will Ohio State Get Jumped By SEC Champ?

Even before the latest BCS standings were released Sunday night, this burning question lit up Twitter and talk show phone lines alike: Will a one-loss SEC champion get past Ohio State in the final BCS standings without the Buckeyes losing in the Big Ten Championship Game?

The answer is, no - not at least without some sort of "conspiracy."

The Buckeyes ascended to No. 2 in the BCS standings after Alabama's dramatic and epic fall in the Iron Bowl. They have a solid, but not commanding, lead on No. 3 Auburn in the two polls and a firmer advantage in the computers. With a win over Michigan State next Saturday, Ohio State will maintain their No. 2 ranking in the polls, and that alone will be good enough to send it to Pasadena for the BCS title game.

Since the BCS tweaked its formula for the last time in 2004, every team that's finished either first or second in the two polls have played in the BCS title game, no matter what their computer rankings were. In five of the last six seasons, a team played in the BCS title game despite finishing third in the computers.


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