Saturday, November 30, 2013

Alabama Is Not ... Quite ... Dead ... Yet

When Chris Davis ran back a missed Alabama field goal from under his goalposts all the way to the other end zone, he did his part to end the Tide's two-year reign as BCS champions. When Missouri defeated Texas A&M later, it's now nearly official.


Incredibly, Alabama is not quite finished as a contender for the 2013 BCS championship game. The Tide are projected to drop to No. 4 in the next BCS standings and in need of a semi-miracle to make it to Pasadena. But that path is not entirely closed.

This is what needs to happen: Both Florida State and Ohio State will have to lose their respective conference championship games, while Baylor and Oklahoma State will also have to lose their regular-season finales to hand the Big 12 title to 3-loss Texas. If all that takes place, then 'Bama might edge Michigan State for a second all-SEC BCS final in three years.

Projected BCS Standings:

1. Florida State, 2. Ohio State, 3. Auburn, 4. Alabama, 5. Missouri, 6. Oklahoma State, 7. Stanford, 8. Baylor, 9. South Carolina, 10. Michigan State.

11. Arizona State, 12. Oregon, 13. Clemson, 14. Northern Illinois, 15. LSU, 16. UCF, 17. Oklahoma, 18. UCLA, 19. Louisville, 20. Duke.

21. Wisconsin, 22. Fresno State, 23. Cincinnati, 24. Georgia, 25. Texas.


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