Sunday, September 15, 2013

Alabama to Pasadena ... Book It!

Alabama fans can book their trip to Pasadena. Now.

It's done. Take it to the bank (or travel agent). Despite giving up a school-record 628 yards and 42 points against Texas A&M, the Tide survived the one-man cyclone that is Johnny Football and will be back for a shot at a BCS three-peat .

Alabama possibly only will face two ranked teams - Ole Miss on Sept. 28 and LSU on Nov. 9, and both at home - before the SEC championship game. The Tide do not play any of the top three SEC East teams (Georgia, South Carolina and Florida) in the regular season and all three look to be highly flawed and each already has a loss. As for a challenge out of conference, they've got the Rams and Mocs left (I'll let you figure those out).

They're already comfortably on top in the Coaches Poll, 33 percent of the BCS formula. The Tide can possibly even afford a hiccup against LSU as it did in 2011, provided there are no two undefeated major BCS teams at the end of the season. Their computer ratings will be at or near the top by the end of September and stay there after they get through Ole Miss.

The biggest obstacle facing the Tide might be complacency, but with Nick Saban as the coach that's probably not much of an issue. And there's something else favoring 'Bama's quest of four titles in five years - after just three weeks, the list of BCS contenders already looks awfully thin.


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