Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Guru's BlogPoll Ballot (Week 8)

The Guru's BlogPoll ballot, with notes below:
* There isn't a lot of movement on my ballot this week because there's just not that much happening. K-State beat the living crap out of an overrated West Virginia team. Florida trouncing South Carolina at home - the margin was a mild surprise but the outcome was not. Oregon blasted Arizona State, as expected, even if the Ducks pretty much took the second half off after taking a 43-7 halftime lead.

* Yet, Oregon lost a lot of ground in the only two polls that matter in the BCS standings - and the two polls that has the most number of clueless voters. Case-in-point, Nevada, despite losing at home in OT to San Diego State, gained two more votes in the Harris Poll. Come again?

* I'm reluctantly adding both of the undefeated Big East teams in this week's ballot, meaning now all 11 remaining unbeaten teams are ranked. Even if they played against unimpressive competition, the fact that Rutgers and Louisville still have yet to lose will have to count for something.

* Conference-by-conference tally: SEC (7), Pac-12 (4), Big 12 (3), Big Ten (2), ACC (2), Big East (2), C-USA (1), MWC (1), MAC (1), WAC (1), Independent (1).


Anonymous said...

If Notre Dame and Oregon both run the table, who would you expect to finish higher in the final BCS standings?

The Guru said...

Right now, I still think it'll be Oregon, because they will get a major boost in the computer with their finishing schedule.