Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Introducing ... BCS Resource Center

The Guru is delighted to unveil the new BCS Resource Center, which features all sorts of useful information on the BCS, from statistical database to keeping track of BCS's rules and accountability.

BCS standings, from its inception in 1998 through the present, are now hosted on the Guru's site. The information was previously hosted on, but since it severed relations with the BCS after last season, all the data were taken down and not easily accessible. The Guru was able to locate weekly standings from 2000-2005 from the National Football Foundation, which manages the BCS standings starting in the 2000 season, but the weekly standings from the BCS's first two seasons proved elusive.

Requests to the BCS and the Southeastern Conference, which ran the standings for the first two seasons, went unanswered. No one seemed particularly bothered that such information should be permanently lost. The Guru finally obtained the weekly standings through the Los Angeles Times (with some old fashioned research by going through microfilms of those two years at the library) and they have now been reconstructed and posted.

The Resource Center hopefully will serve as the one-stop shop for all your BCS needs, for both number crunching and historical perspectives. I will finish the annual BCS recaps this offseason - the series now goes through 2006. And I welcome your comments and suggestions on improving the Resource Center, and/or my site in general.

Thank you.

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