Monday, November 1, 2010

The Guru's BlogPoll Ballot (Week 10)

This week's BlogPoll ballot, with comments below:

* Nothing changes at the top. Oregon solidified its hold on No. 1 after an impressive conquest of USC. Boise State continues to hum along, as does TCU, with a showdown against unbeaten Utah coming up this weekend. Auburn still needs to prove that it can stop elite teams defensively - and it's a stretch to call LSU an elite team.

* Wisconsin and Stanford appear to be the best one-loss teams, resume-wise. Alabama may be No. 5 in some polls, but that's more of a product of legacy voting: The Tide are last year's champs, which should have nothing to do with this year. They're still No. 13 on my ballot, with a chance of moving up a bit if they can defeat LSU this weekend.

* San Diego State makes its first-ever appearance on my ballot. The Aztecs have made a dramatic turnaround under Brady Hoke. They also will have a chance to really become a nasty spoiler for the Mountain West in the BCS title/bowl races, with back-to-back games against TCU and Utah still to come.

* Other teams considered: Northwestern, Florida State, USC.

* P.S. Yeah, there is not a single Big East team on my ballot (or even being considered), and just one ACC team. Yet it's almost a lock that either Boise State or TCU will miss out on a BCS bowl game, while the likes of Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia Tech and N.C. State are guaranteed a spot if they just win their conference title. (You bet this will be a major post later this week.)


Anonymous said...

I guess it's more of a "standings" thing than a "rankings". I can't imagine that 3 of the 5 best teams in the country come from the WAC and MWC. Maybe 1 of the 3 would have as few as one loss if they played a 3 or 4 week stretch against major conference schools.

Wheell said...

Utah wouldn't be undefeated against Major competition, but both TCU and Boise St. would tear the Big East and ACC apart (Virginia Tech excepted, they are close to both Boise St. and TCU). I have both rated as better than anyone from the Big 10, but Wisconsin, Ohio St., and Iowa are close. Oregon is as good as TCU and Boise St, although their defense is a bit below, their offense is the best in the country over 60 minutes. Stanford is a clear cut below Boise St. and TCU.

I have a difficult time getting a handle on the Big 12 but I suspect Oklahoma and Nebraska are a hair behind them both, but I'm not certain about that.

That leaves the SEC. I still have Alabama as the 2nd best team, right behind Oregon, and even then it's close. Auburn is not in the same league as Bama, TCU, Boise St, and Oregon. LSU has a strong defense, but there really isn't a complete team in the SEC as good as TCU-Boise St.

The truth is Boise St. and TCU would probably go X-1 vs. the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, and PAC 10. They'd have a very good of winning out in the Big East and ACC.

I don't think that 3 of the top 5 teams come from outside the BCS conferences, but I'm confident 2 of the top 4 do.

andrew said...

You all are crazy with your mid-major love fest!
You have to ask yourself; How many teams out there would be undefeated right now if they had played Boise or TCU's schedule" I think there are at least 30 to 40 teams nationally that would be fully expected to be undefeated having played their pathetic schedules.
Now ask yourself, how many teams would be undefeated had they played Auburn's or Oregon's schedule...The answer is none.
TCU barely beat a crappy Oregon State at home. Utah went to overtime with a crappy Pitt at home. Boise barely beat Virginia TEch which lost to an average FCS team. There is no chance in heck that any of those teams could beat Arkansas, at LSU and at South Carolina in consecutive weeks. There is no chance in heck that those teams could beat Stanford, UCLA, at Washington, and at USC in consecutive weeks.
Mid Major teams are overrated jokes.

Wheell said...

"I think there are at least 30 to 40 teams nationally that would be fully expected to be undefeated having played their pathetic schedules."

30-40 teams beat Baylor in Baylor? Virginia Tech in a semi-neutral, semi-road game? As for Oregon St., we'll learn more about them when they face the Ducks, but right now I have a fair amount of respect for the Beavers.

As for VT's loss to a FCS team, that kind of looks odd compared to them running the table in the ACC.

Anonymous said...

Wheell is correct. At least the following teams from the SEC would also be undefeated with B.S.U.'s pathetic schedule: Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, UF, SC, Kentucky and Georgia. Not to mention the rest of the country. Luckily, the debate is over this year (thanks computers, you rock) -- YEA!

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate the teams in the SEC are afraid or unwilling to schedule decent mid-majors. They definitely won't do home & home series. I don't know the entire history, but last mid-major I remember playing the SEC was Utah in the Sugar Bowl vs Alabama and they destroyed them. TCU, BSU, & Utah are undefeated vs auto-qualifiers in BCS Bowls.

WheelIsDumb said...


Do you still think Alabama is the 2nd best team in the country, and Auburn is not in their league?

You, sir, know nothing about which you speak.

Melisa Marzett said...

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