Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's ... Oklahoma!

The voters in the coaches and Harris polls probably got a proper shock last week when they found out that, had there been a BCS standings last week, Boise State would've been ranked No. 1. Some of them probably would've been OK with that, but many of them wouldn't.

Well, circumstances allowed them to "rectify" things this week. With upsets of poll No. 1 Ohio State and also top 5 Nebraska, Oregon is expected to ascend to No. 1 in both of the BCS polls this week. But the idle Ducks won't be top-ranked in the first official BCS standings ... and neither will Boise State, which is expected to check in at No. 2 after walloping San Jose State.

Oklahoma, coming off a 52-0 pasting of Iowa State, is projected to open the 2010 BCS standings at No. 1. The Sooners will be behind Boise State in the polls, but the slim deficits there won't offset OU's lead in the computer ratings. The Broncos will still have a robust computer score even though San Jose State is now 1-6 - because the Spartans have played a top 5-ranked schedule thus far. Boise's computer advantage will keep it ahead of Oregon.

So what does all this mean going forward? Expect lots of shifts in the BCS standings in the coming weeks because both the polls and computer scores will remain volatile for some time. With losses by Ohio State, Nebraska and Nevada, the unbeaten ranks have now dwindled to just 10. Four of them are guaranteed to lose, two as soon as next week, as a pair of unbeatens will be matched up (Oklahoma at Missouri, LSU at Auburn).

We're just getting warmed up.

The Guru's projected BCS standings: 1. Oklahoma, 2. Boise State, 3. Oregon, 4. TCU, 5. Auburn, 6. LSU, 7. Michigan State, 8. Alabama, 9. Nebraska, 10. Ohio State, 11. Wisconsin, 12. Utah, 13. Stanford, 14. Missouri, 15. Oklahoma State.

And two P.S.'s:

1) Follow the Guru on Twitter, as I will be tweeting every Saturday night, shortly after the end of the final relevant game, followed by a full post.

2) The Guru will grudgingly give the World Wide Leader some respect for putting together a weekly show at 8:15 p.m. ET on ESPN each Sunday. This is the way to go, as opposed to the abomination that we had to suffer through the past four years. I don't think much of the analysis on the program (particularly the guy with two first names), but it's better than the weekly 90-second sham on Fox's NFL post game show.


tyamdaly said...

I would think that Boise will still be 1 in the first official BCS standings. Oregon would be 2 then TCU. Followed by Oklahoma, then LSU and Auburn with Michigan St. right there with them. It will all be very close though. I think this year will be the year the "computers" have a say in who is in or out. The coaches poll will continue to drop Boise and TCU because they are invading their space.

Bob said...

You really don't predict Iowa to be in the top 15 today? lmfao.

LAprGuy said...

Should be interesting to watch the coaches poll start shifting to, uh, "more accurately" reflect the computers. I'm not a Boise State guy, but Oklahoma is hardly a no. 1 team either.

Meanwhile, I continue to think that TCU is getting the short end of things here because they didn't beat Oklahoma in a meaningless exhibition game 4 years ago like Boise did.

Anonymous said...

Boise sucks, TCU sucks, Oregon is for real, and Oklahoma is clearly the number 1 team having played the toughest schedule so far out of the 4 teams ive mentioned. Florida State- could win ACC, Cincinnati- could win Big East, Air Force - probably 2nd to TCU in mountain west, Texas - who is not that down and still could beat many teams in the top ten, they are very physical and play tuff defense. Wake up guys, computer is right again. OKLAHOMA, boomer sooner!!!

Anonymous said...

Airforce number 2 in the mountain west? Yeah, you're opinion is obviously worthless.

Pac 10..12..whatever said...

Oregon has lost 2 years in a row to that Boise team you say sucks. And they beat that TCU team that everybody thought should've been playing Alabama in the BcS champ game last year. The SEC better HOPE and PRAY that they don't meet up with a Boise State team wanting to prove just how good they really are :) I would love to see BSU whip up on LSU, Auburn, or Alabama. Oklahoma won't matter after next weekend, and Mizzoo will never get enough respect to matter anyway.

Frank said...

Oklahoma has clearly had the toughest schedule out of all four teams. (boise, TCU, Oregon.) All three teams that OU played non-conference are or have been ranked in the top 25 for multiple weeks. All the while every team that Both TCU and Boise play that hold any weight keep losing to No-bodies. Boise's biggest win Virginia Tech lost to James Madison. And Nevada Just lost to Hawaii losing its credibility that was much needed for Boise towards the end of the season. Oregon State was Boise's other big Win and they just lost to Washington. In other words Boise state has played a fairly lose and easy schedule yet again. Meanwhile TCU's only "tough" game was again oregon state. They do have Utah down the road and Also Air force who is playing remarkably well. Needless to say Boise and TCU both have yet to play a demanding team.

tyamdaly said...

The BCS is what it say Bull Crap and S***. Boise is the best team in the nation right now.

The General said...

Can you explain the fact that Mizzou is ranked as high as #2 in one of the computers, and completely out of the top 25 in another computer? I'm not a Mizzou fan or enemy, just curious.

The Guru said...

@The General: You'll see that the only "computer" that failed to rank Mizzou (when no one else had them outside of the top 10) is Billingsley. His ranking is basically a one-man poll, and has very little relation to an actual mathematical formula. In this instance, his ranking is discarded (as many of his are).

skip said...

Ok...I agree on Oklahoma. However, to say Boise and TCU SUCK is just moronic. That's the problem. You say they suck, because they don't play any "ranked" teams, yet teams like Texas, Alabama, etc...., won't put these teams on their schedules, and they damn sure don't want them in their conferences. It's so bad, that they won't even let them play somebody else for a bowl game, that way two BCS schools aren't at risk of losing to the teams that "don't play anybody".

Even if both TCU and Boise win out, I expect the BCS to manipulate it and again force these two fine teams to play each other. That is a tragedy.

If you want a playoff, the best thing that could possibly happen is for these teams to get the chance to show how good they are.

At least TCU has 2 top 20 teams remaining on their schedule and has some control over their quality of victory argument.

The General said...

Thanks, Guru.