Monday, October 11, 2010

The Guru's BlogPoll Ballot (Week 7)

Well, well, here comes the first real shakeup of the Guru's ballot. More points below:

* Let's not mince words here: The Guru was dead wrong about Alabama. The Tide might still be very good, but nowhere near as good as I thought. And the fashion with which South Carolina dominated them, there is zero reason why the Gamecocks shouldn't be ranked ahead on the ballot, with the 'Cocks' only loss to undefeated Auburn.

* Oregon assumes the mantle of No. 1, though we've learned not to make any proclamations about how the Ducks are better than everyone else. Let's just wait and see if they can get through the Pac-10 gauntlet undefeated.

* Only 13 teams remain unbeaten and the likelihood of Boise State and/or TCU being the only unbeaten teams at the end of the regular season increases each week. At this point, I can't see any reason to put any one-loss team ahead of either the Broncos or the Frogs.

* Other teams considered this week: NC State, Kansas State, Florida and Miami (Fla.).


LAprGuy said...

Wondered what your poll would look like. Can't disagree with much, although I do think we'll find that Ohio State is also ranked too high.

Presume that Boise State will start dropping once the other teams prove their legitmacies versus better opponents. Ironically, so far they have played the toughest schedule ... but that will change.

Big fan - LAprGuy

LAprGuy said...

Already, ESPNews anchor is projecting how great Auburn can run the table. Uh, maybe Arkansas was overrated? Ugh.

The Guru said...

For a conference that purportedly plays great defense, this season has been anything but that. The low scoring games have come from really inept offenses. (See Miss State 10, Florida 7.)