Saturday, November 21, 2009

What Happened to Rivalry Weekend?

Once upon a time (yes, I'm old, I'm 40), the third weekend of November brought us the de facto end of the football season. The biggest rivalries were played on this weekend. From the wind-swept desolate plains in the Midwest to the sun-splashed Pacific Coast, arch rivals lined up to settle things once and for all.

Now, we got Florida-Florida International, and Alabama-Chattanooga.

Thanks a lot, SEC, but I think I'll tune to the History Channel and watch a rerun of the Six Day War.

Today's best rivalry game was The Game. Yeah, Harvard-Yale actually meant something. Michigan-Ohio State? Not so much.

As for the BCS standings, we're in Ground Hog Day mode. In fact, maybe I should just shut down this site for the rest of the year and see you next August. I mean, even a chimp or Brad Edwards can do these projections. Shouldn't I try to win the Nobel Peace Prize (I hear you don't have to do much to get that, but it comes with a cool million)?

Save for Iowa's dropping from the ranks of unbeatens, the top of the BCS standings has stayed virtually static for the past four weeks. The order of the top six teams shuffled around slightly, but nothing much has changed.

There are still 16 teams in contention for the 10 BCS bowl berths. Bad news for Boise State: Either Iowa or Penn State will earn an at-large bid, and Oklahoma State probably will, too, if it can beat suddenly-disintegrating Oklahoma. And there's still a chance that a 9-3 USC team might be chosen over a 13-0 Broncos.

But that's a discussion for later. Here's the projected BCS standings for this week (and no, it's not Memorex):

1. Florida, 2. Alabama, 3. Texas, 4. TCU, 5. Cincinnati, 6. Boise State, 7. Georgia Tech, 8. Oregon, 9. Ohio State, 10. Pittsburgh, 11. Oklahoma State, 12. Iowa, 13. Penn State, 14. Virginia Tech, 15. LSU.


Anonymous said...

Fail Guru ! Fail. Thanks to the media services that BE, several of the major rivalry games get changed around from this weekend. This will be the last time I read your post because even a simpleton can see that. Several major teams still have key games to play in or around Turkey day. Thank Goodness that the AQ's catch hell for playing the teams they did, like playing Wyoming on this Satuday's slate would have been any different ? If Bama, the Gators, or the Horns play Utahs, Boises, or TCU's schedule, do they catch hell ? Ooops no ? Or what about the rest of their schedules ? Clemson is saving TCU (ass conveniently not UVA's performance) that's about it. Is there a way for a Bowl game played weeks after a season ends to compare with playing those games consecutively ? Why doesn't anyone bring those points up ? It's so easy to HATE during the year, it's another thing entirely to compare bowl wins vs a season. Think I'm wrong ? Let Bama, TX, or UF play the shit schedules that the non AQ's do and then YOU pull for their inclusion in the BIG Final GAME. Yea Like I said EPIC FAIL.

Pony Up said...

That was one uneducated rant, "anonymous"
For example: who exactly has Texas played this year?
Oklahoma State. That's it. The ONLY ranked team they've played.
TCU has played Clemson, Utah, & BYU.
TCU beat Wyoming by 4 more points than Texas, held them to 100 fewer yards, AND TCU pulled their starters earlier.
Sure, the SEC is by far the best conference this year. By far. But look of the number of ranked teams on the top 5's schedule. You'll be surprised at who's playing more good teams.

Jams said...

I haven't seen anyone's take on this scenario yet, but what if Clemson beats Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship game (a very real possibility, since Clemson came very close to beating Georgia Tech already once this year)? A two-loss Jackets team would probably be pretty appealing for the Sugar Bowl, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey "Pony Down," why don't you freakin' get a CLUE! None of you idiots know, or seem to care, that there were THREE quality opponents that chickened-out and backed out of their contracts to play Texas _this_ year. WHO backed out? Why, none other than Utah, Arkansas, and Wisconsin! Obviously, they didn't want to take recruiting hits by having another loss on all their schedules.

Oh, and if you doubt it, CHECK IT! But, like so many other knuckle-draggers out there, since you didn't check the first time before you popped-off, you won't do it now.... it won't change the FACTS. Go back under the rock you crawled out from under, Mypoian!

Hook'Em Horns!

PeteP said...

Oh, anonymous is merely another loser Horn fan. What is new? The Horns would have two losses with TCU's schedule, but hey, you can live in your own private pretend world. Enjoy!

dethwing said...

Why should it matter who backs out on who? We're judging based on what happened, not what could have happened. No one's going to give Boise any slack if they can't get a big game, why should Texas get any?

Pony Up said...

dethwing is correct. It' s not who you were supposed to play, it's who you DO play. It's incredibly likely UT will win out and go to the MNC game. But, don't kid yourself, the only reason they'll get the nod over TCU is because they're "entitled." Not because they're more worthy or proven.

Donny said...

The point is...

TCU would not have 3 ranked opponents if all those opponents played in a real conference. Utah & BYU would have more losses if they played in the Big XII south. That's the point. Utah & BYU are only ranked because they are in a conference who's only good team is TCU.

Texas Tech's only loss would likely be to TCU if they had BYU's schedule. They'd be ranked top 15 in that case. Nebraska would be top 10 if they played Utah's schedule.

MWC teams can mail it in 3 weeks and gameplan for the tough game inbetween the gimme's. You don't have that luxury in the big conferences where a team can bite you any given week.

Need I remind you that the Big XII was THE best conference last year? Texas's only loss last year was to the 5th team in a stretch of 5 straight ranked opponents.

mike said...

(yes, I'm old, I'm 40)

so I guess you're a man, huh

Victor said...

Donny - I think that Texas, TCU and Boise are actually in a similar position. Strong teams in weak conferences. As much as I normally enjoy watching big 12 football, they're having a very bad year. I agree that BYU and Utah shouldn't be ranked as high as they are (turns out beating Oklahoma isn't a big deal), but I also don't think that the big 12 is worthy of any "best conference" accolades.

The conference is 4-7 against other AQ teams (and 14-4 against the MWC, WAC and CUSA). Unfortunately, their biggest OOC win is against Georgia, and we all know how well Georgia is doing. The rest of the wins have come against bottom dwellers like Illinois, Duke, New Mexico (2x), Wyoming (2x), Rice (2x). Meanwhile, the "top" big 12 teams have been fairing poorly against similar level competition.

By the reasoning you're using, Houston would be the number 2 team in the big 12, and Texas should be behind TCU - at least TCU beat Clemson. Would you really pick teams in the big 12 north to beat TCU/BYU/Utah? I picked Houston to beat both Okie State and Texas Tech, but I wouldn't pick them to beat TCU/BYU/Utah. The big 12 drops off really quickly after Texas.

I don't think that the MWC matches up with the big 12 team for team, but I also don't think that the big 12 schedule is nearly as brutal as you're suggesting. Not even close. Check out the Colley Matrix's breakdown of inter-conference play, and you'll note that they've mostly been beating up on FCS and sun belt/CUSA teams. That's why Kansas State isn't bowl eligible despite competing for a division title last weekend.

I think that Texas this year is much like Ohio State in 2006/2007. They've swept through weak conference play, and I can only hope that they do a better job of pulling things together than OSU did in preparation for the grand finale.

Regarding the poll, I don't agree with TCU being number 1. I don't see how TCU's wins are better than Alabama's, for instance. Even if TCU has a win over a potential conference champion, that champion is still ranked at #18 and is only in contention courtesy of the being in a weak division. I disagree with, but at least I understand the Guru's reasoning. I can't say the same for Texas's poll rankings (they actually have one of the weaker resumes amongst unbeaten teams), or even BYU/Utah for that matter (15 in the Harris/USA polls? Really?).

Anonymous said...

Lick my balls, peteyp.

Texas in National Championship!

Go cry in your milk!


Hook'Em Horns!!