Friday, September 18, 2009

BCS Weekly News Roundup (Sept. 18)

PAC-10 ON THE RISE (, Sept. 16) - Can you believe it? The same man who, just a few years ago, probably could have run for governor of Ohio and won in a landslide, is suddenly receiving the John Cooper treatment. I know all those big-game losses are frustrating, Buckeye fans, but let's maintain a little perspective.

COACHING 'FIT' HARD TO FIND (, Sept. 16) - "Fit" is the new buzzword of coaching hirings and firings. It's a tidy word that feeds the collective ego of fans and administrators who believe their program is special. When a coach is successful, it's not just because he recruits good players and teaches them to win. No, he's a good fit. When a coach isn't successful -- especially after he has won at other schools -- he's not a good fit.

BYU SEEKS ANOTHER BCS-BOLSTERING WIN (Panama City News Herald, Sept. 15) - A BYU victory over Florida State would be another building block in what Bronco Mendenhall hopes is a dream season for the Cougars. They are ranked No. 7 in the nation and favored by 7 points on Saturday. It all stems from the opening 14-13 win over Oklahoma.

BREAK UP BCS? JUST WIN, HOUSTON (Nunesmagician, Sept. 15) - Conference USA's Houston returned to the polls for the first time since David Klinger was involved. Their program-changing win in Stillwater not only put them on the map but also jogged the memory of college fans who might have forgotten East Carolina, Tulsa and other upset specialists are lurking in the conference background.

THE GRISLY DEMISE OF TRESSEL BALL (Dr. Saturday, Sept. 14) - There's no sugar-coating this: Jim Tressel and his staff were outcoached against USC and Pete Carroll. Again. Particularly on offense, Ohio State's game plan against the Trojans was utter rubbish, and it failed to meet the No. 1 requirement of every game plan: put your players in position to succeed.

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