Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Guru's BlogPoll Ballot (Preseason)

As previously noted, the Guru will take part in the BlogPoll this season. I have submitted my preseason ballot as shown below:

1 Florida
3 Texas
4 Oklahoma
5 Ohio State
6 Virginia Tech
7 Penn State
8 Alabama
9 Boise State
10 TCU
11 Utah
12 LSU
13 Oregon
14 Georgia
15 Oklahoma State
16 Mississippi
17 Georgia Tech
18 California
19 Notre Dame
20 North Carolina
21 Pittsburgh
22 Iowa
23 West Virginia
24 Brigham Young
25 Florida State

This is a significant departure from the "Guru's Rankings" and also will vary quite a bit from the first Sim-BCS Standings due out next week. Here's why:

1. The BlogPoll's purpose is to rank teams based on their performance. By definition, there really shouldn't even be a preseason poll since nobody has played a down yet. But since we must submit a preseason ballot, this is what I got. Teams may move up or down my ballot pretty dramatically in the first few weeks of the season as I'm by no means married to these preseason rankings.

2. The "Guru's Rankings" is not subjective, like any of the polls, including the BlogPoll, Coaches Poll and AP Poll. It's an algorithm designed to rank the teams' chances of reaching the BCS championship game. Teams playing soft schedules, particularly the better teams from BCS conferences, will be ranked preferentially. (Florida vs. Charleston Southern, anyone?)

3. The Sim-BCS Standings (previously the "Unofficial" BCS Standings) is the closest facsimile to the real BCS Standings until it's officially released in mid-October. The sim standings will strictly follow the BCS formula, with a couple of substitutions until all components of the standings are made available.

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