Friday, August 7, 2009

BCS Weekly News Roundup (Aug. 7)


BCS REVIEW: RIGHTING A DECADE OF MOSTLY WRONGS (CBS Sports, Aug. 6) - The Bowl Championship Series came of age this decade. That's not to say the BCS matured or got better. It just got older -- and more controversial. This was the first decade in which every major-college season ended with a championship decided on the field.

URBAN FALLACY: THE SEC GRIND (Bleacher Report, Aug. 6) - Fans, media, pundits and now coaches have created a new BCS party line, the "week in, week out" asterisk. This is where any time Utah's undefeated season is mentioned, it must be disclosed that Utah could not have accomplished this had they played week in, week out in a real BCS conference.

BIG EAST BCS-WORTHY FOR FIVE MORE YEARS (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Aug. 5) - The Big East Conference has exceeded the most optimistic predictions when the BCS contract was renewed this year and the Big East retained its berth for the next five seasons.

URBAN MEYER NOW HIGHEST-PAID SEC COACH (ESPN, Aug. 3) - Florida coach Urban Meyer signed a new six-year, $24 million contract Monday, taking his total financial package to $4 million per year and making him the SEC's highest-paid coach in 2009. It makes him the third-highest-paid coach in the country behind Pete Carroll's reported $4.4 million salary at USC and Charlie Weis' $4.2 million at Notre Dame

COACHES POLL MUST BE PUNTED BY BCS (Denver Post, Aug. 3) - What does it tell you about the validity of the football coaches poll when Oklahoma's Bob Stoops decides to vote this year to protect his own team?

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