Sunday, August 31, 2008

Expect Poll Shakeup in Week 1

Georgia coach Mark Richt was not thrilled with wearing the No. 1 crown. He may not have to worry for much longer.

While his Bulldogs did win their season opener over I-AA Georgia Southern, 45-21, it's likely that they will relinquish the top spot, in at least one poll. Georgia was ranked No. 1 in both the AP and Coaches preseason polls, but the margin in each was hardly commanding.

It's likely that USC will jump to No. 1 in the coaches poll while the Bulldogs hang on to the top spot in the AP poll. Coming into the opening weekend, Georgia had a scant 8-point lead on the Trojans in the coaches poll. While Georgia called off the 'Dawgs in the third quarter after assuming a 38-0 lead, that victory may pale in comparison - in the minds of the voters - to USC's 52-7 mauling of Virginia at Charlottesville.

In the AP poll, Georgia had a 22-point lead over No. 2 Ohio State and a 38-point lead over No. 3 USC. With the Buckeyes also playing, and winning, against a I-AA opponent at home, it's unlikely that there will be much of a shakeup there. And since Ohio State and USC will face each other in two weeks, the AP voters may be content to let that game to sort out the top of the poll, for now.

With lots of lopsided contests between mismatched teams, the opening weekend was uneventful save for a couple of minor "upsets." Alabama demolished Clemson in the Georgia Dome while East Carolina rallied to beat Virginia Tech in Charlotte. Pittsburgh and Michigan both lost at home, but neither was considered a shocker.

The top of the unofficial BCS standings should remain static from the preseason BCS standings, with Ohio State, USC and Georgia ranking 1-3. The Guru will publish the Week 1 standings Tuesday, after the polls are released following the Monday night Tennessee-UCLA game.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was always a shock when Michigan lost!

Buckeye Bill