Saturday, August 30, 2008

BCS Era No. 8 -- Florida State

The Guru's Note: Continuing our Ten Years of BCS series, the Guru reviews and examines the top programs during the BCS Era (1998-2007) and ranks them from Nos. 1-10. The rankings will be published in reverse order in the coming days as we approach the kickoff of the 2008 season.


Overall Record: 92-36 (.719), 12th
BCS Bowl Record: 1-5 (6, 4th)
National Titles (Game Record): 1 (1-2)
Final AP Rankings: 3-1-5-15-21-11-15-23-U-U (Top 5: 3/Top 10: 3)

The Seminoles began the BCS Era as the standard bearer of college football, finishing in the top five in the final AP poll a record 14 consecutive years (1987-2000). They played in the first three BCS title games, winning the 1999 championship by defeating the Michael Vick-led Virginia Tech.

But Florida State has been on an inexorable slide since in coach Bobby Bowden’s twilight seasons. The Seminoles were out of the top 25 altogether the last two seasons and have lost their last four BCS bowl appearances. Florida State begins 2008 unranked – for the first time since 1982.


Randy said...

FSU defeated UCLA in the Emerald Bowl two seasons ago

jeffd said...

And was the Emerald Bowl a BCS bowl? Obviously not.