Saturday, December 7, 2013

War Damn Eagle Goes to Pasadena

Did the BCS work? Well, in its final season, it did. Like magic. For Auburn.

The Tigers' magical ride began with Miracle on the Plains when they miraculously defeated Georgia on a fourth-and-forever Hail Mary. It continued with the now epic Iron Bowl missed-kick-return. Then, after outlasting Missouri in a mind-boggling shootout in the SEC Championship Game, the Tigers got the final piece of good news before their bus even pulled out of Atlanta - Ohio State lost to Michigan State in the Big Ten title game.

So Auburn will be headed to Pasadena for the last-ever BCS Championship Game against No. 1 Florida State, which cruised past Duke to win the ACC title. It will be the Seminoles' fourth BCS title game appearance - but their first since playing in the first three BCS title games from 1998-2000.

With Auburn back in its second BCS title game in four years, the SEC will now have a chance to close out the BCS era with its eighth consecutive national championship. Incredibly, the state of Alabama will be represented in the BCS title game for the fifth straight season.

Projected final BCS standings:

1. Florida State, 2. Auburn, 3. Alabama, 4. Michigan State, 5. Stanford, 6. Baylor, 7. Ohio State, 8. South Carolina, 9. Missouri, 10. Clemson.

11. Oregon, 12. Oklahoma, 13. Oklahoma State, 14. Arizona State, 15. LSU, 16. Central Florida, 17. UCLA, 18. Wisconsin, 19. Louisville, 20. Northern Illinois.

21. Fresno State, 22. Georgia, 23. Texas A&M, 24. USC, 25. Duke.

Projected BCS bowl matchups:

BCS Championship: No. 1 Florida State (ACC) vs. No. 2 Auburn (SEC)

Rose Bowl: No. 4 Michigan State (Big Ten) vs. No. 5 Stanford (Pac-12)

Sugar Bowl: No. 3 Alabama (at-large) vs. No. 12 Oklahoma (at-large)

Orange Bowl: No. 7 Ohio State (at-large) vs. No. 10 Clemson (at-large)

Fiesta Bowl: No. 6 Baylor (Big 12) vs. No. 16 Central Florida (American)


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