Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top 10 Finishes in College Football History

By Brian Colella

Last weekend's Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama was an instant classic. The late-game heroics from Chris Davis immediately became one of the greatest finishes ever to a college football game, for sheer distance covered if nothing else. But there was so much more than that.

College football, arguably more than any other sport, has the potential to deliver stunning finishes and thrilling games. It's a combination of the atmosphere, the amateurism that bubbles over in crucial mistakes, the professionalism that shines through in incredible leadership and feats of athleticism, and (though we may hate to admit it) the soon-to-be-obsolete poll/BCS format that determines champions. With so much on the line every week for the teams hunting the title, the potential for drama is many times greater, the impact of a loss that much more devastating.

Some are already saying that this Iron Bowl was the greatest finish ever to a college football game, but there have been quite a few and it's not that easy to choose just one. So, here are our Top 10 Finishes in College Football History (with video for each):

10. Run! Lindsay, Run!
9. Answered Prayer in Big House
8. Holy Trinity!
7. The Fifth Down
6. A Holiday Comeback
5. The Bush Push
4. Hail Flutie
3. Statue of Liberty
2. The Play
1. War Damn Miracle


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