Sunday, November 10, 2013

Three-Way BCS Race for No. 3

The race is on ... for No. 3.

After Oregon's loss to Stanford last Thursday, the ranks of major unbeatens shrunk to just four. And since Alabama and Florida State have a stranglehold on the top two spots in the latest BCS standings—they have all the No. 1 votes as well as either the first or second spots in all six computers—there is no chance for anyone else to catch up if they keep winning.

But if they slip up, then it gets interesting.

At the moment, Ohio State is maintaining its grip on the third spot. Despite the constant Big Ten-bashing by the pundits, it's actually very unlikely that the Buckeyes would surrender their position without losing a game. And with games against Illinois, Indiana and a fast-fading Michigan remaining on its regular-season schedule, Ohio State should get to the Big Ten Championship Game without a loss.

That's where OSU could need a little bit of help. If Michigan State defeats Nebraska next week and arrives at the B1G title game at 11-1, it'll likely be ranked in the top 10 and much-improved computer rankings. A Buckeyes victory over the Spartans then would just about cement their shot at the BCS title game if either Alabama or Florida State loses.


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