Thursday, November 7, 2013

Big Thursday Night Shakes Up BCS

For the third time in five years, Stanford stunned an Oregon team with national championship aspirations. And for the second consecutive year, the Cardinal might have knocked the Ducks out of a Rose Bowl berth as well.

Stanford's upset victory, coupled with Baylor's pasting of Oklahoma in a pair of Thursday night top-10 showdowns, sent a shock wave through the top of the BCS even before the weekend begins. And they might have to cancel classes in Tallahassee and Columbus on Friday.

This much is clear: Alabama and Florida State, atop the BCS standings as of last week, will control their respective destinies. If either team wins out, it'll be playing in Pasadena on Jan. 6. Then after that, it gets a bit messy.

Ohio State is expected to move up to No. 3, but it can't comfortably count on being there as if it's in the on-deck circle, waiting for an Alabama or FSU loss to move into the BCS title game. There is a possibility that the Buckeyes might get jumped by Baylor, though it's a small one.


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Anonymous said...

Stanford? Beat the crap out of Oregon and UCLA. One bad week. Ohio St has played a bunch of cream puffs. Stsnfords defense wpuld stop any offense in the country. A 1 loss Stanford team shoild trump an umbeaten and meekly tested Ohio St. Stanford-Alabama a war. Stanford versus FSU and Jamis Wimston would be an instant classic. We all saw last year what happems when you put an over rated team whose name got them to the title game. It is an embarrassment to the NCAA amd a snoozefest. You put OSU agaimst Jamis Winston and it is 21-0 before you fimish ypur first beer.