Sunday, October 27, 2013

Alabama-Oregon Title Bout Seems Inevitable

With still six weeks left on the season, it looks increasingly like a BCS Championship Game featuring Alabama and Oregon will be inevitable.

Everybody else is just playing for a BCS bowl berth.

Unless either Alabama or Oregon loses, none of the other teams will have a shot at cracking the top two spots in the final BCS standings. That includes the other six teams currently unbeaten as well as any team already with at least one loss.

But before you make travel plans for the Tide-Ducks showdown in Pasadena on Jan. 6, realize this: The teams most likely to go through the rest of the regular season unscathed are not the occupants of the top two spots in the latest BCS standings. If going purely on the probability of least likely to lose, you might end up with Florida State-Ohio State.

Let's assess the prospects of the top contenders:


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