Sunday, September 8, 2013

SEC Dominance Showing Cracks

Just two weeks into the final BCS season, there are signs that the SEC's seven-year reign might be coming to an end. To some, this proclamation seems a bit alarmist, but hey, if you're the other conferences desperate to get a piece of the action, you'll take any good news you can get.

For the second consecutive week, a top-ranked SEC team lost a high-profile game on the road against an ACC opponent. A week after Georgia was dropped by Clemson in Death Valley, Florida imploded at Sun Life Stadium against a Miami team that was just little bit less inept. Then, in the first big internecine battle within the SEC, Georgia handed South Carolina its first loss.

So after opening the season with six teams in the preseason AP top 12, the SEC will be down to just three unbeaten teams ranked in the top 10, and that number will be reduced by one next week after Alabama goes to Texas A&M. Unless you believe either Mizzou or Tennessee will go undefeated this season (and in that case I've got a bridge to sell you), then there will be at best one unbeaten SEC team by the end of November.


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