Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blowout City and That 70s Show

This weekend, 20 teams ranked in the AP Top 25 were in action, with 19 of them winning. No. 23 Arizona State was the only one to lose, but it was beaten by No. 5 Stanford in the only game pitting two ranked teams.

That's not bleak enough to paint the picture of mismatch city? OK, how about this: Five ranked teams actually faced FCS teams and wound up mauling their overmatched opponents by an aggregate of 298-34 (or about 60-7 on average). Shame on No. 18 Northwestern for only getting by Maine, 35-21.

Wait, it gets better (or really, worse): FCS teams were not the only ones that took a beating. Some of the worst woodshed treatments were administered to FBS teams. Louisville whitewashed Florida International, 72-0, and Baylor annihilated Louisiana-Monroe, 70-7. Just how bad did it get? Urban Meyer went for a score as to not humiliate Florida A&M in a 76-0 rout, and Miami shortened the fourth quarter to 12 minutes to end its 77-7 mercy killing of Savannah State.

That's four teams scoring at least 70 points in a game on a single day – a record. That's also four teams winning by a margin of at least 60 points – another record.

So what is the point? Actually, there isn't one.


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