Monday, December 3, 2012

The Guru's BlogPoll Ballot (Final Regular Season)

The Guru's BlogPoll ballot, with notes below:
* I wouldn't have put Alabama in the BCS title game. In fact, I wouldn't have the Tide in the 4-team playoff were that to commence today. Simply put, Alabama has not played a schedule worthy of a No. 2 team. The Tide's best win was over Georgia in the SEC championship game, by a hair. Their best regular-season win was a comeback at LSU, by a hair. The rest of their wins were over a bunch of patsies, and they lost to Texas A&M.

* Oregon is the team that should be playing for the BCS title. Its only loss is in overtime to a conference champion that's ranked higher than Texas A&M. The Ducks absolutely destroyed everybody else. Why does Alabama get a pass for a home loss in regulation but Oregon doesn't for a home loss - to a better team - in overtime?

* I'd even make a case for Florida before Alabama. The Gators played arguably the toughest schedule among all the top teams. They beat four teams ranked in the top 13. Their only loss was a close one at a neutral site. That loss kept them out of the SEC title game, but last year that happened to the Tide and it didn't stop them from winning the "national championship."

* I have Northern Illinois at No. 22 on my ballot. While I made a passionate defense for the Huskies on why they deserve to be in the BCS based on the setup of the system, this is where they should be in a poll given the strength of their schedule and that their only loss was to 4-8 Iowa.

* Conference-by-conference tally: SEC (6), Pac-12 (4), Big Ten (4), Big 12 (2), ACC (2), WAC (2), MWC (2), MAC (1), Big East (1), Independent (1).


Mark Grouper said...

Did Florida lose to the number one team by 3 like Bama did last year? Was Florida always at the top of the polls like Bama was last year? No and NO there's your answer

Anonymous said...

You make very little since. Who has Oregon played? Did Georgia not beat Florida? You can't be serious. Last year the parameters were very different. So I guess you are saying Notre Dame beats Alabama?

Alex said...

And you once again show your ridiculous Pac 12 bias. Seriously, you're going to put down Bama because they barely beat 11-2 UGA and 10-2 LSU while simultaneously propping up an Oregon team that didn't have a single win over a team with less than 3 losses? I'm honestly not sure at this point if you're just trolling or your bias just runs that deep.