Friday, December 14, 2012

The End of the Big East

It's been said that the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman and not much of an empire. Kinda like the modern-day Big East Conference. And the Big East, as a football power conference, is about to join the Holy Roman Empire in the ash heap of history.

The seven non-football members of the Big East are expected to pull out - maybe as soon as next week - leaving a rump conference constituted of basically members of Conference USA, circa 2004. While the BCS likely will keep the Big East as an AQ conference in 2013, that'll simply mark the end of its football relevance.

Even if nothing else changes, by the 2014 season, only one of the Big East's seven founding members - Connecticut - will still be in the conference. In fact, UConn will be the only member at the end of the 2004 season that will still remain in the Big East. Of the 12 teams currently expected to play a Big East schedule in 2014, eight used to play in Conference USA, two in the Mountain West, plus Temple, a one-time Big East football member that was invited back in after getting booted.

OK, take a deep breath and let your head stop spinning. Here's our best guess for what the major conferences might look like by 2014-15:
  • Big Ten (16 teams): Add Rutgers, Maryland, Virginia, Kansas
  • ACC (14 teams): Lose Maryland, Virginia, Florida State; add Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Louisville, Cincinnati, UConn
  • Big 12 (10 teams): Lose Kansas; add Florida State
  • Pac-12 (12 teams): No change
  • SEC (14 teams): No change
  • Mountain West (12 teams): Add Boise State, San Diego State, Utah State, San Jose State
  • Big East (8 teams): Temple, South Florida, Central Florida, Memphis, SMU, Houston, Tulane, East Carolina


Dan Hogan Fitness said...

Do you have anything to base your Kansas from B12 to B1G prediction. It seems odd B1G would expand westward and not more in the east.

the Guru said...

It's a longshot for the B1G to get KU. But I do see the conference adding two more teams.