Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ho-Hum Goes the BCS

So much for BCS chaos.

For the first time in the history of the BCS, we know who'll be in the championship game even before the final weekend of the season. One team has already punched its ticket for the Jan. 7 game in Miami and the other will be decided on the field straight-up as if it were a semifinal game.

Just like how they do it in the No Fun League.

Instead of traffic bombs and all-night Twitter chatter, we can all hit the hay at about 8 p.m. ET next Saturday, secure in knowing who will play for the BCS title. The only drama left would be whether a non-AQ team will bust into the top 16 to crash the BCS party.

That's all we have left for BCS excitement in 2012.

So here's the projected BCS standings. And in the interest of finding where the non-AQ teams stand, we expand it to 20 this week from the usual 15:

1. Notre Dame, 2. Alabama, 3. Florida, 4. Georgia, 5. Oregon, 6. Stanford, 7. Kansas State, 8. LSU, 9. Texas A&M, 10. South Carolina, 11. Oklahoma, 12. Florida State, 13. Nebraska, 14. Clemson, 15. Oregon State, 16. UCLA, 17. Boise State, 18. Kent State, 19. Northern Illinois, 20. Michigan.

P.S. - If you're a Gator fan, please contain your excitement. You're headed to the Sugar Bowl but nothing more. Georgia will jump back over Florida next week if it beats Alabama in the SEC title game to snag the No. 2 spot to face Notre Dame. The SEC title game will be the unofficial BCS semifinal game.


Anonymous said...

if 12 Florida State loses, they will drop below 16

if 13 Nebraska loses, they will drop below 16

if 16 UCLA loses, they will drop below 16

17. Boise State, 18. Kent State, and 19. Northern Illinois have a great chance of making the Orange Bowl! KSU/NIU will get a "quality win" in the eyes of the computers, but will that be enough to pass Boise?

Man, I hope so. Seeing the MAC in the Orange Bowl is all I want out of college football for the rest of my life. No MAC team will sniff a playoff spot. So, for the next 100 years, this is as close to Big Time as the MAC can be.

NOTE- I could see N. Illinois beating Florida State. = greatest thrill ever.

Anonymous said...

If only NIU could've held on to beat Iowa in week 1 they'd be a BCS bowl game lock with a MAC Championsip win next week! Still crossing fingers that things fall their way & they get the call after they beat Kent State. Go you Huskies!!!

College Football Guru said...

1The SEC has been very weak this year and remains a mystery WHY they are still so respected in the SEC even AFTER proving to put on the most boring games in college football. I would MUCH rather see high powered offenses like Kansas St and Oregon and we all know Oregon could beat ANY of the SEC teams this year. It is sad that they will not get the chance to do so!! Bring on the playoffs. Why?? Because SEC is not so heavily favored and will not be in the title game year after year, just like before the BCS crap!

Alex said...

The anti-SEC bias from fans of teams from other conferences just gets to be comical at times. Is it really a mystery why the SEC is so respected? They've won 6 straight national titles and they almost invariably post winning bowl records against the most aggressive slate of tie-ins of any conference (2 BCS games, ACC #2, Big 12 #2, B1G #2, B1G #3, C-USA #1).

Sure, maybe they play "boring" games, but that's what happens when you actually play good defense. Just look what happened to Oregon's offense when they had to go up against a legitimate Stanford defense (but of course they'd beat any SEC team). And let's not forget that the two SEC teams that have a shot at the title game actually have very impressive offenses, led by the top 2 QBs in the nation in terms of passer efficiency. Georgia is #1 in the nation in yards per passing attempt and Bama is #3. These aren't your old school SEC offenses.

Anonymous said...

"so boise st will go from going to las vegas bowl to bcs game?

Anonymous said...

Go golden flashes after 40 years it's your time

Anonymous said...

What if Oklahoma loses?
Champ: Bama/UGA vs. UND
Sugar: Florida vs Oregon
Fiesta: Kansas St vs. ???
Rose: Stanford/UCLA vs. NU/Wisc.
Orange: Rutgers/Louisville vs. ???

Pac 12 has 2 teams, SEC has 2, So if Oklahoma loses what happens? I'd guess FSU plays in the Fiesta, and either Clemson, Boise or the Mac champ would get the Orange.

Anonymous said...

If OU gets bounced, it will likely be as a result of the MAC Champ (or Boise) earning an automatic berth. Regardless, Oregon would still be in the Fiesta Bowl because the Fiesta gets 1st choice among at-large berths (after Sugar chooses Florida to replace SEC champ). The Sugar/Orange would end up with the MAC Champ/FSU.