Monday, October 8, 2012

Saturday Massacre Clears BCS Picture

After all the complaining about a September schedule that made the NFL preseason seem more meaningful, it took but one blood-letting judgment day to separate college football's wheat from the chaff.

Into the unquenchable fire went LSU, Georgia and Florida State, teams ranked 3-5 in last week's simulated BCS standings. But their losses are the gains of others, as we now have a clear pecking order of teams poised to contend for this year's BCS championship. And not surprisingly, they're all clustered at the top of the final simulated BCS standings.

This week's standings feature all but one element of the official standings. We have both polls, with the Harris poll being released for the first time this season. We have five of the six computer rankings, with only Peter Wolfe absent, and his ratings are replaced by the median rankings of 56 computers.

The seven top teams are all undefeated, with a significant gap separating No. 7 Kansas State and one-loss LSU at No. 8. But the paths to the championship game for these seven teams - and a few others - are paved with significantly different obstacles:


1. Alabama - The Tide are the near-unanimous No. 1 in the polls, on that alone their position is unassailable. This also makes Alabama well-positioned to rebound in the rankings should it lose a game.


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