Monday, December 5, 2011

The Guru's BlogPoll (Final Regular Season)

The Guru's BlogPoll ballot (final regular season), with notes below:
* The vote is to rank teams based on performance, not to arrange a national championship game, so LSU-Alabama at 1-2 is really indisputable.

* The rest of the ballot more or less followed the form of last week, with the four teams losing conference championship games taking a plunge of varying degrees. The most disappointing among them was Houston, which really proved that it didn't belong on the top of the ballot with that pathetic effort against Southern Miss.

* Oklahoma stays on the ballot, but barely. This team has just completely fallen apart after being bit by the injury bug. For the record, I ranked the Sooners No. 1 in the preseason.

* The Pac-12 proved to be the most top-heavy conference, more so than even the SEC. Three teams are in the top 7, and then nobody else would even warrant consideration.

* No team came into the ballot this week and no team left.

* Conference-by-conference tally: SEC (5), Big Ten (5), Big 12 (4), Pac-12 (3), C-USA (2), MWC (2), ACC (2), Big East (1), Sun Belt (1).

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