Monday, December 6, 2010

The Guru's BlogPoll Ballot (Final Regular Season)

The Guru's final regular-season BlogPoll ballot. Very little movement on top, with a couple of notes below (including why Auburn is where it is):

* I seriously considered dropping Auburn off the ballot altogether, as some of the Heisman voters have done vis-a-vis Cam Newton, but thought better of it. Newton may be an ineligible player (this is far from decided, folks, as the NCAA has not completed its investigation), but it would be grossly unfair to punish all the Tigers players. Therefore, Auburn stays on my ballot completely on its own merit. But needless to say, my opinion that the NCAA and SEC have done nearly everything wrong on the Newton case remains unchanged.

* Oklahoma and Virginia Tech move up by virtue of winning their respective conference championship games. The losers in those games (Nebraska, Florida State) are not severely punished.

* Seven conference champions are on the ballot, but Big East, Conference USA, MAC and Sun Belt did not make the cut. UConn does not quite deserve to get on it after blowout losses to Michigan and Temple (which is unfairly left out of a bowl despite an 8-4 record). Central Florida just misses the cut because it didn't beat any quality opponent. And Northern Illinois, which was on the ballot last week, drops out after losing in the MAC title game.

* Other teams considered: Central Florida, Connecticut, West Virginia.


Anonymous said...

Nevada over Wisconsin? Seriously? Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with the rankings. Boise State could beat any Big-10 team, maybe even go undefeated in that whole conference. Nevada gets that high spot by default only because they beat Boise. I would personally rank Stanford at #3, but can see how TCU does deserve it by going undefeated this season. Overall - Another great year of College Football. Thanks for the constant posts and updates Guru.

j. said...

Wisconsin is good, very good. You will see when they play another very good team in TCU.

4th in the nation in points for.

Say that again: Wisconsin is 4th in the nation in scoring.

Anonymous said...

Self proclaimed GURU - more like, village idiot. That final poll is a complete joke, you suck !!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ J
Big10 is over rated, very over rated. You will see when they play other teams in bowl games and a very good team in TCU.

How many blowouts happened to the Big10 conference in one day?

Wisconsin 4th in the nation in points for? In the Big10 cupcake schedule, how could they not be? Couldn't even put up 20 against TCU.

Say that again: Wisconsin is over ranked as 4th in the nation in scoring.