Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Guru's BlogPoll Ballot (Week 5)

The Guru's BlogPoll ballot this week, with a number of changes from last week, particularly Texas being dropped out of the poll altogether. Find the nuggets below:

* Why is Texas dropping from No. 4 to all the way out of the ballot? Simple. The way the Longhorns played this season, especially after getting pistol-whipped by UCLA on Saturday, does not warrant their being included on the ballot. Texas had trouble beating two god-awful teams (Rice and Wyoming), one middling (Texas Tech) and lost to one that couldn't handle Kansas State and was annihilated by Stanford. That's not the resume of a top 25 team and the future isn't all that bright for this ordinary squad, either.

* Alabama and Ohio State flip-flopped for the top two spots. The Tide's stirring comeback over Arkansas, on the road, is a better victory than Ohio State's signature win, a home victory over Miami. 'Bama has beaten two ranked teams (also a rout of Penn State) whereas the Buckeyes mostly toured the MAC.

* Penn State plummets by 10 spots despite a narrow win over Temple. It's not so much that the Owls are awful (they're actually not), but with a few one-loss teams emerging on the ballot, Penn State's place needed to be adjusted. Frankly, the Lions don't deserve to be ranked ahead of Arkansas, who nearly beat Alabama (even though it's at home).

* Other teams considered for this week: Texas, South Carolina, Houston, Florida State, Clemson, Kansas State and Michigan State.

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