Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Guru in 2010

After delicate negotiations with Mrs. Guru, the Guru will be back for the 2010 season. The Guru agonized over the decision, at one point nearly shutting down the site. But our passion for college football and the burning desire to provide this important service ultimately prevailed.

Since we're coming back, there will be no half-assing it. While in the past we have mostly focused on the BCS itself, this season we will take on college football in its entirely, from the touchdowns and personal fouls on the field, to issues involving the NCAA, agents, conference realignment and the business end of all the nasty business.

One slight change with the site you'll notice is that our content will now be entirely placed on the blog platform part of the site. This gives the Guru more flexibility and also eliminates the tedious double-posting that had been the case in the past.

Just to keep you in the loop, we'll also make better deployment of our social networking tools. There will be more action from the Guru's Twitter and Facebook feeds as well.

So thank you for your continued interest and participation in the site. Here we go again.