Friday, December 18, 2009

Bowl Extravaganza

Call the Guru a glutton for punishment.

Two years ago, I handicapped all 32 bowl games ... and let's just say I was as successful as the French army was in May 1940. It was so bad that I didn't even bother tallying the damage.

But since time heals all wounds, I'm diving into the muddled waters of bowl predictions again. So here are my picks, along with a nugget or two, on the 34 bowl games this season, listed in chronological order:

New Mexico - Fresno State over Wyoming.

St. Petersburg - I thought Rutgers was a fraud all season long. Not changing that view here, going with Central Florida.

New Orleans - Middle Tennessee over Southern Miss.

Las Vegas - Oregon State deserves so much better than this. Take the Beavers over BYU.

Poinsettia - Utah gets one back for the Mountain West, over Jahvid Best-less Cal.

Hawaii - SMU's June Jones makes a triumphant return to the islands, but Nevada wins over his Mustangs.

Little Caesars - Marshall over Ohio.

Meineke Car Care - Pitt loses three in a row to end the season, this one goes to North Carolina.

Emerald - Will USC get up for this game? Barely, but that's enough to beat Boston College.

Music City - Clemson over Kentucky.

Independence - Texas A&M, riding the hot arm of Jerrod Johnson, gets enough offense to beat Georgia.

EagleBank - UCLA needed Army to lose to get a bowl bid, and makes the most of it by beating Temple.

Champs Sports - Miami has too much speed for plodding Wisconsin, another vastly overrated team from the Big Ten/11 soon to be 12.

Humanitarian - Idaho over Bowling Green.

Holiday - This could've been the Stoops Bowl, but Bob couldn't make it. So Mike's Arizona takes it out on Nebraska.

Armed Forces - Houston's high-octane offense grounds Air Force.

Sun - The most interesting non-BCS bowl game in the lot. Stanford in a tight one, thanks to over 200 rushing yards by Toby Gerhart, over Oklahoma.

Texas - Navy votes nay on Missouri going to the Big Ten/11 soon to be 12.

Insight - Minnesota over Iowa State.

Chick-fil-A - Without hostesses as a distraction, Tennessee still comes up short against Virginia Tech.

Outback - Northwestern has been sneaky good this year. The Wildcats surprise Auburn.

Capital One - JoePa's tam has not beaten anybody of substance this season. Penn State isn't about to start now against LSU.

Gator - In Bobby Bowden's farewell, featuring the two Division I-A teams he coached, West Virginia spoils it by denying him a final victory at Florida State.

Rose - Oregon has just too much speed for Ohio State.

Sugar - Think Florida isn't going to show up to play this game? You must not have heard of this guy named Tim Tebow. He's not going to lose his final college game to Cincinnati.

International - In turmoil, South Florida still beats Northern Illinois. - South Carolina over UConn.

Cotton - In the first Cotton Bowl played at Cowboys Stadium, Ole Miss beats Oklahoma State as Jerry Jones gets ready to make a pitch to be part of the BCS.

Liberty - Ryan Mallett has a field day as Arkansas routs East Carolina.

Alamo - Texas Tech over Michigan State.

Fiesta - In the "People's Championship," viewed by the smallest TV audience in BCS history, TCU gets by Boise State to finish an undefeated season.

Orange - Georgia Tech runs wild against a perplexed Iowa team.

GMAC - Troy over Cincinnati's farm school, er, Central Michigan.

BCS National Championship - Alabama returns to the top of college football world, routs Texas to win its first national title since 1992.


kyle said...

Routs Texas?? Texas never plays a bad bowl game. I've come to the conclusion you sir, are a Texas hater.

Anonymous said...

To Kyle... What his TCU over Texas through the end of the season hadn't already clued you in?

Bama's biggest win of the season... over Florida is starting to look less and less impressive. Urban meyer was dehydrated. Charlie Strong's head was in Louisville. Dunlap was not playing and Spikes was injured through parts of the game.

Anonymous said...

It's after the fact, and the result only shows that they were less deserving than originally thought, but if 3 teams are tied for second place in the PAC-10, and all 3 are within 4 spots in the BCS standings and have the same regular season record, then it makes sense for the three involved bowls to make selections that will make for good match-ups. Would OSU have been better served by taking on an unranked Oklahoma, like Stanford? No. How about an unranked Nebraska like Ariona gets? Nope. Hey, look, BYU is ranked 14th. A chance to knock off a ranked foe, that we haven't played since 1986. The Vegas bowl has received a fair amount of attention this year, more than I've heard about those other two bowls. Sure, there were some other factors that each bowl took into consideration, like potential revenue based on which team they selected, but those factors can go either way for any team. I just can't believe that OSU deserved better than vegas.

mike said...

I for one dont think the guru hates texas. I just think he is a smart man, anyone who has seen both play this year knows the guru speaks the truth!!!! it dont matter much anyway, the B.C.S. is crap, always has been and always will be!!

Todd said...

Well Sam. You’re only shooting .250 so far. Texas gets routed? I don’t think so. I love the way everyone likes to point out the Nebraska game as though it indicates some great weakness in the Longhorns. Let’s all remember that Bama struggled with Auburn and only escaped with a win over Tennessee because the Vols place kicker has no loft on his kicks. I dare say, Nebraska is a much better team than either Auburn or Tennessee. As for your pick of Bama over Texas;… Given your track record I like the Longhorns chances.

crusadors said...

"Champs Sports - Miami has too much speed for plodding Wisconsin, another vastly overrated team from the Big Ten/11 soon to be 12."

This game was a mismatch. Wisconsin completely controlled the entire game. Miami looked slow and had no answer for the tight ends and running backs of Wisconsin. Those poor souls needed heaters on the sidelines in 50 degree weather!

Furthermore, the Big 10 will have a better showing this year in the Bowl games. Its been a long time since the match ups have been even since Ohio State has played in the Championship game twice.

Those southern teams are built to play in perfect conditions. They all struggle when the elements change.

Did you see the Wisconsin team with no sleeves? Did you see the whole Miami team have long sleeves on? I am convinced that if they moved some of the bigger bowl games to the North, the Big 10 would be perceived as elite again. That will never happen, so it is what it is....

Anonymous said...

perplexed Iowa team??? Iowa rushed for more yards than the 2nd leading team in the country and dominated the game.

Anonymous said...

Guru? my 94 year old Aunt with Altzheimers could have made better picks- hopefully this is not your day job

Anonymous said...

WOW, stick to computer formulas because you suck atpicking games. You missed on 19 games so far!!! well over half wrong and your analysis was way off base on every game. You should be stripped of your blogger ballot.

Anonymous said...

well you got only the Mich State game right in the Big Ten games- did you even watch any B10 games this year?
TCU, Cincy and Boise State have nice MidMajor programs but could not play week to week in any of the BCS conferences and go regular season unbeaten-

Anonymous said...

BCS Guru,

You need to give up on your predictions, especially for the Big Ten teams.

Your predictions that Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin and Penn State would lose. I watched each game and they all out played their opponents and won convincingly.