Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Guru's BlogPoll Ballot (Week 5)

The Guru's BlogPoll ballot this week. Notes below:

1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
4 Boise State
7 Virginia Tech
8 Oregon
9 Ohio State
10 Miami (Florida) 7
11 Cincinnati 3
12 South Florida 3
13 Auburn 7
14 TCU 4
15 Iowa 3
16 Brigham Young 6
17 Georgia Tech 6
18 Penn State 6
19 Missouri 2
20 Kansas 2
21 Wisconsin
22 West Virginia
23 Stanford
24 South Carolina
25 Michigan 6

Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#11), Houston (#13), UCLA (#16), Oklahoma State (#25).

There was little action in the top of my ballot, with just LSU having yet another close call. There's a lot of upheaval between Nos. 10 and 20 and four new teams made it into the ballot this week.

* We're down to just 13 teams with unbeaten records in all of Division I-A, and all of them are on my ballot, with Wisconsin bringing in the rear at No. 21. When a team goes 4-0 or 5-0, it's doing something right, even if it's against less-than-stellar competition. Each of those unbeaten teams have already won at least a couple of conference games.

* USC leads the chase pack, tops among 1-loss teams. At this point in the season, there is no reason to put any team with two losses in the top 25. That's why Oklahoma, despite two tough losses against top teams, is no longer on the ballot.

* Houston's loss is inexplicable and inexcusable. Giving up 58 points to UTEP shows that the Cougars are not ready for prime time. Another team that's always had some kind of a big game-itis is Cal, who has now been outscored, 72-6, in its last two games. But the Bears were out of my ballot already last week anyway.


Ry said...

You lose credibility by having Colorado State ranked.

Anonymous said...

"there is no reason to put any team with two losses in the top 25"

did you mess up on your ballot? You have a two loss colorado state wich has beaten no one of significnce and has two losses.

The Guru said...

One of the reasons the BlogPoll is infinitely superior to other polls is the fact that we discuss our ballots and our readers "proof-read" those ballots before they become official.

Obviously there was a technical glitch or oversight on my part for Colorado State to be No. 22 instead of West Virginia. That error has been corrected.

Thank you readers for pointing that out.

utesfan100 said...

I would think that a team whose only loss was by 7 points on the road to the #8 team should at least be considered for the top 25.

Especially when you rank a team that lost to unranked FSU at home by 17, whose big opening season game is now also not ranked by you.

I would like to see one quantifiable way BYU is clearly ahead of Utah.

Clark said...

To utesfan100: Top BYU win thus far: OU. Top Utah win: Louisville? SJSU? (Louisville is is 1-3, with its lone win coming over Indiana State 30-10. This is the same Indiana State team that has been outscored 162-7 in its last 4 games against 1-AA opponents. SJSU is 1-3 having beaten Cal Poly.) The only team of any quality that Utah has played is Oregon, who has got to be one of the more confusing teams at this point in the season. Oregon looked out of joint vs Utah, with Masoli completing 25% of his passes and handing the ball to the Utes at every turn. And still Utah lost.

LAprGuy said...

Once the schedules begin truing out so that every top-10 team -- save for one -- has multiple games against real competition, will The Guru's blogpoll rank the 0-loss and 1-loss teams based on their team's body of work, including tough conference games?

Or will 0-loss Boise State inch upwards from No. 4? Their resume, today and in November, will be the same: a home win over tough Oregon.

mike said...

Boise State being so high is interesting. Right now it's probably fine. But if USC, LSU, Florida, or Texas have 1 loss, would Boise State be ranked higher just because they are undefeated, on the basis that "they beat everybody they played"?

Looking back, it's clear that Oregon is a completely different team now than it was the first 3 weeks of the season. Will Boise State benefit from Oregon being ranked higher now? Would Texas be punished for losing to a 2 loss Oklahoma team that lost both games without Bradford?

I'm not sure if the computers take into account rankings at the time of the game or if they just look at rankings at the time the ratings are generated.

Anonymous said...

The coputers do not consider what a team was ranked at the time they played. That would be totaly ridiculous. Michigan started last season ranked and finished 3-9. I love how Utah fans like to say "they were ranked when we played them" The only ranking that matters is the end of season ranking.

utesfan100 said...


The best wins so far this season argument works well. Point Conceeded ... for now.

I think Oklahoma is over rated, time will tell.


I referenced BCS GURU's current rankings. I am consistent in never using the rankings at the time. Maybe you are talking about another Utah fan.