Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Waiting on the Harris Poll

Next Monday's Simulated BCS Standings will be nearly as good as the real thing (so maybe our friend Chris Dufresne might stop mocking us at the Fabulous Forum). The Harris Poll will be released for the first time on Sunday. That, combined with the Coaches Poll, four of the six computers, gave us nearly 90% of the components of the BCS Standings.

The only components missing would be two computer rankings: Anderson & Hester, which will release its first 2009 ratings after the Oct. 3 games; and Peter Wolfe, who always withholds the data until the first Official BCS Standings are released, this year on Oct. 18.

A few notes about the Harris Interactive College Football Poll, which was founded after the Associated Press demanded that its poll be removed from the BCS Standings following the Cal-Texas Rose Bowl debacle in 2004:

* This is the fifth season that the Harris poll has been an element of the BCS Standings.

* The Harris Poll comprises one-third of the Standings. The other two elements, of course, are the USA Today Coaches Poll and the average of six computer rankings.

* Each of the 11 conferences nominated 30 people to serve on the Harris panel; Harris randomly selected 10 from each bunch. Notre Dame nominated nine (Harris selected three) and Army and Navy nominated three (Harris selected one.) Yep, there are 114 panelists.

* The identities of the panelists will be made available by the end of the week.

* The rankings will be posted on the Harris Web site each Sunday. But each panelist's individual ballot will not be revealed until the final regular season poll. Unlike the AP and Coaches Poll, the Harris Poll does not have a final poll that comes out after the bowls.

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