Friday, September 11, 2009

BCS Weekly News Roundup (Sept. 11)

POLLS ALL ABOUT (MIS)PERCEPTIONS (Las Vegas Review-Journal, Sept. 10) - It doesn't matter which voter from The Associated Press Top 25 college football poll said it. The message is far more important, because it again cuts to a reality of how many continue to buy into that cartel known as Bowl Championship Series. It's a mindset thing. And it's wrong.

TRESSEL MUST BEAT USC TO KEEP FANS HAPPY (, Sept. 10) - There's a very good reason he's never devoted so much as one idle thought to the pursuit of his own popularity. Why worry about something that's always been as certain as the sunrise? It's different now for Ohio State coach Jim Tressel. Way different.

BRADFORD'S INJURY SHAKES UP BCS RACE (Los Angeles Times, Sept. 10) - Oklahoma's Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback will miss time with a shoulder separation. Just how long he's out will impact the Sooners and also possibly the BCS hopes of Texas and Oklahoma State.

SCRAM, BIG EAST, MAKE WAY FOR MWC (, Sept. 10) - The BCS is an unfair, monopolistic, money-driven system with a million flaws. But here’s a new one that’s coming to a head this season. The Big East has no business being included in the BCS while the Mountain West Conference is excluded.

ACC-ELERATED DECLINE (Saurian Sagacity, Sept. 6) - With conferences like the Mountain West on the rise, the argument for blowing up the current BCS system continues to gain strength, especially when fading powers like the ACC get automatic BCS admittance for their conference champion.

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