Sunday, August 30, 2009

BCS Weekly News Roundup (Aug. 30)

BYU TAKES DEAD AIM AT OKLAHOMA (Salt Lake Tribune, Aug. 28) - BYU reached or surpassed the 10-win mark for the third straight year, qualified for a bowl game for the fourth straight year and finished the season ranked 25th in the AP poll. Yet, the Cougars "had kind of an empty feeling" last January as they summed up 2008 and started looking ahead to 2009.

COMPUTERS, BCS AND BOISE STATE (, Aug. 27) - Boise State has yet to play its first game of the 2009 season but most of us know that this year’s team has the potential of returning to another BCS bowl game. Though the BCS system continues to be chided by fans and many in the media, it is the system we must live with at present.

BCS RATINGS WRACKED FANS' NERVES (Newport News Daily Press, Aug. 27) -
The Bowl Championship Series is one of the most consistently satisfying punching bags in sports. Ten years ago, however, the BCS was in its infancy and only beginning to aggravate college football fans.

APPLY SOME LOGIC TO REVIVE BCS (Dallas Morning News, Aug. 26) - The college football season is a mere 10 days away, even less depending upon your team of choice. As opposed to those of you who would like to see the BCS disappear by means of lethal injection – some e-mailers get so overheated I think they would prefer it suffer a more painful demise – I simply want to rehabilitate it.

SI GOES AFTER COACHES' SECRET BALLOTS (, Aug. 25) - will file records requests with the employer of each of the 51 public school coaches who vote in the 2009 poll. If the schools comply with the law, we should get a look at every ballot. Legal action may be required if schools refuse to comply. Every ballot we receive will be published.

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