Friday, August 14, 2009

BCS Weekly News Roundup (Aug. 14)

BCS REFORM FACES TALL ORDER IN CONGRESS (Associated Press, Aug. 13) - For years, lawmakers have railed against the Bowl Championship Series, calling it an unfair way to select a national champion. A lot of righteous thundering, however, has not yielded anything on the legislative front.

SEC'S NEW MEDIA POLICY HITS A SNAG (Birmingham News, Aug. 12) - Facing a public relations backlash, the SEC plans to "tweak" elements of its new controversial media policy that was distributed to the 12 schools last Thursday.

UTAH SCHOOLS SCHEDULE BCS-TOUGH (Deseret News. Aug. 11) - Schedule easy to chalk up wins and look BCS-pretty? Or buckle down and play somebody to push your program forward. That debate has taken a turn for the latter with BYU and Utah.

WHO WANTS TO GET RID OF PRESEASON POLLS? (Virginian-Pilot, Aug. 10) - The preseason college football coaches' poll is an example of cockeyed, tradition-trumping fairness. The preseason rankings skew everything in a sport that selects its national-championship contenders, in large part, with guesswork disguised as a popular vote.

NCAA vs. USC: WHO BLINKS FIRST? (AOL Fanhouse, Aug. 7) - This is a game of chicken. Down on one end of the street is USC, revving its engine. On the other end is the NCAA, doing the same. And they are about to start barreling toward each other. Which one will chicken out?

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