Saturday, November 1, 2008

Door Swings Open for Gators

Michael Crabtree's tightrope act was the early Christmas present for the one-loss pretenders looking to get back in the BCS title race. The biggest thank-you note should be coming from Urban Meyer.

Florida is the biggest beneficiary of former No. 1 Texas' last-second loss Saturday night in Lubbock. After trouncing Georgia in the World's Largest Outdoor Whupass Party, the Gators should have a chance to play their way into the BCS title game - if they can handle the rest of their schedule and beat Alabama in the SEC championship game.

As it is, the Tide will assume the No. 1 ranking in the new BCS standings, followed by Penn State and Texas Tech - now the only three BCS conference unbeatens. But the Red Raiders still must navigate past Oklahoma State next week and then a visit to Norman to face Oklahoma on Nov. 22. A Texas Tech loss in either game would almost certainly put the SEC champion in the BCS title game.

One team not to get much help from any of this is USC. Despite another shutout victory - this time over hapless and winless Washington - the Trojans can expect to fall farther down the BCS standings. Outside of a Penn State loss in its remaining three games, there does not appear to be any conceivable scenario that would allow USC to return to the BCS championship game.

The Guru's projected BCS standings for Week 10:

1. Alabama, 2. Penn State, 3. Texas Tech, 4. Florida, 5. Texas, 6. Oklahoma, 7. USC, 8. Oklahoma State, 9. Utah, 10. Boise State, 11. Texas Christian, 12. Ohio State, 13. Georgia, 14. Missouri, 15. Ball State.


Ute Fan said...

Go Urban!

Anonymous said...

Georgia sucks. Beating them is not that great of an accomplishment. In fact, the SEC isn't that good this year, compared to years past, so why in the world would Florida move up so much. What a joke this system is

Anonymous said...

what about the acc champion???

Anonymous said...

How can Oklahoma drop TWO-Freaking spots after scoring 62 Points including 28 in five minutes? I am sorry but what are you thinking?

They have been the only consistent offense in college football! Likewise USC should not drop either!

Anonymous said...

I agree Florida is a great team, but georgia has been overrated like their QB all year...they are a top 20 team at best. I understand Florida should move up but I still dont think they should jump OU.. OUs one lone loss was to Texas, how does lossing to miss at home justify them to jump OU...its still gonna be interesting the rest of the way, their is always a couple teams that hiccup late in the season..

Anonymous said...

Florida beats #13 Georgia and ends up #4. USC beats #12 Ohio State and ends up #7. Oh, yeah. That makes sense.

Florida's loss was to 5-4 Mississippi. USC's was to 5-3 (and higher ranked) Oregon State.

Oregon State lost to #2 9-0 Penn State, #10 9-0 Utah & 5-4 Stanford.

Mississippi lost to #1 9-0 Alabama, 5-3 Wake Forest, 5-3 Vanderbilt, and 5-3 So. Carolina.

It should be AL, Penn St., TX Tech., USC, FL, TX, OK, OK St.

Anonymous said...

Make that: AL, Penn. St., TX Tech., USC, TX, OK, FL, OK State.

Anonymous said...

This looks about right. Penn State should win out (dangerous thing to say) and Florida should expose Alabama in the SEC championship. Texas Tech will fall at Oklahoma, so Texas will play some sacrificial lamb in the Big XII title game (probably Mizzou). The BCS Orange Bowl very well could be Penn State and Florida. Heck I'd go to the game for that one! Two best coaches alive right now maybe.

guru2 said...

When did Urban "Liar" Meyer and Florida grow such a halo? Because they beat Georgia who's been BLOWN OUT by the only good teams they've faced? There is no way Fla. should be ranked above Texas or Oklahoma or (arguably) even USC at this point. And seriously, is there ANYONE out there who really thinks Penn St. could handle ANY of the other Top 8 teams? Brace yourselves for another BLOWOUT NC game!

GATOR FAN said...

the gators are the best team in college football at this time!!!! I think that they can bet any team they play. USC is overrated and washed up GO GATORS!

jimmy J said...

At least the Gators have a chance but it's still very unlikely Penn St won't be playing a Big 12 team in Miami.

Anonymous said...

why the high rankings for the big 12??? they didn't play anybody (chattanooga,umass,Florida Atlantic,Rice,Missouri State) This was some of the opening opponents for Texas,Oklahoma,Oklahoma State....There is NO WAY that they should have 4 teams in the top 9. The SEC is always the best division, the sad part is that it cannabalizes itself every year. USC played an over rated Ohio State and Penn State played one team in the top 25!?!?! AND the bottom 5 teams in the Big 10 are one loss away from being .500 or worse!!

WE have a playoff and it's called the SEC Champonship

M.G. said...

The OU/OSU bedlam game will be played in Stillwater. Also I like your blog check out


Anonymous said...

How can you say florida is ranked higher than Oklahoma when you look at the loss on each side. Mississippi beat Florida and Texas beat Oklahoma give me a break.

jer said...

question about the rules. I know only two schools per league are allowed, but arent there rules where if a team is ranked 3rd or 4th and not their conference champ then they got an auto bid.

If for example Texas Tech wins the South and the Big XII title and if Texas and OU get to 3 and 4, while a stretch not that too far of reach I assume the higher ranked team gets the spot

Tom said...

Oklahoma has precisely 1 solid win, against an overrated big 12 north team that still put up over 30 points on them. Florida has scalped 2 top-10 teams by 100-31. When Oklahoma beats TT by a 40 point margin, then we can talk about who the best 1-loss team is, but right now there is no contest.

Richie Rich said...

BCS Guru,

I'm a Gator fanatic but your analysis leaves out OU who could slip by the Gators in your scenario.

First dips on BCS candidates will come from 1)PSU, 2) Winner of OU / Tex Tech and 3) Winner of UF/Tide unless winner of 2/3 lose another game.
If Tech runs the table, they are a shoe-in.
If PSU or winners of 2 games above slip, the other 2 advance. If more than one slips, the next in line are:
1)Dead heat between a 1 loss OSU team and a 1 loss texas team, the tiebreaker being the team that goes to and wins the Big 12 championship.
2) A 1 loss Texas tech team that wins Big 12 championship.
3) Last and least - USC.
4)No one else can win.

Just for kicks, if Bama, PSU and Texas Tech all run the table, there would be no title game for Jo Pa. They may be number 2 today, but there is no way they deserve to be ahead of a Tech team that would beat Texas, OSU, OU and won the Big 12 Title. Don't worry Joe, it aint gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Hello "Guru", nice blog. By the way, richie-rich, I thought the term was "first dibs" and the other term was "shoo-in" - related to race horses being shooed in to victory.

And no, Penn State is going to play hard and play well. I don't know the result, but it is not going to be a shut out.

jimmy J said...

richie rich
your analysis is right on, our Gators like Bama need to schedule and play OOC like on the West Coast and prove they can win off their turf to gain respect. That's how Penn St got a lot of respect this year. How Florida is ranked 4th doesn't make sense considering how weak the SEC is this year.