Friday, September 5, 2008

BCS Era No. 6 -- Texas

Overall Record: 103-25 (.805), 2nd
BCS Bowl Record: 2-0 (2, 12th)
National Titles (Game Record): 1 (1-0)
Final AP Rankings: 15-21-12-5-6-12-5-1-13-10 (Top 5: 4/Top 10: 5)

Without a doubt, Texas has been the most consistent program in the BCS Era – which coincided with Mack Brown’s tenure in Austin. The Longhorns have won at least nine games in each of the 10 seasons and finished no lower than No. 13 in the final AP poll since 2000.

But aside from its lone championship season of 2005, when Vince Young authored the miracle finish against two-time defending champion USC, Texas has had a frustrating time in the BCS Era. The inability to beat Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout, including a five-game losing streak from 2000-2004, relegated the Horns to just two BCS bowl appearances.


dethwing said...

"Two time defending champion" ? I expected better from you. If one accepts that the BCS title is exactly that, a title game, then USC has no buisness claiming a title simply because the AP says otherwise.

The Guru said...

But who accepts that the BCS is only arbiter of the national championship? Not I, and really, officially, no one. The AP poll has been around since 1936, it's way more prestigious and credible than the BCS.

Anonymous said...

This should be updated to 3-0 since Texas won the Fiesta Bowl after this article was published.

The Guru said...

Sorry, but I can't continue to update this post, and other ones in this series, because then it'd be a never-ending deal. So this is the record as of the end of the 2007 season.