Thursday, September 18, 2008

BCS Era No. 4 -- LSU

Overall Record: 89-37 (.706), 16th
BCS Bowl Record: 4-0 (4, 5th)
National Titles (Game Record): 2 (2-0* - split title with USC in 2003)
Final AP Rankings: U-U-22-7-U-2-16-6-3-1 (Top 5: 3/ Top 10: 5)

Nick Saban built it, but Les Miles took it to new heights. Saban laid the foundation, leading the Bayou Tigers to a share of the national championship in 2003. But during his tenure, LSU was an up-and-coming program. Miles has made it into a juggernaut in the last three seasons.

By beating Ohio State in the BCS title game last season, LSU became the first program to win two BCS championships. But taken its body of work in totality, the Tigers will need a couple more title-contending seasons to move up this ladder. Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe not – LSU won both of its BCS titles in the friendly confines of the Louisiana Superdome.

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