Saturday, November 17, 2007

UO, OU, Oh, My!

Just when you thought we already had our upset of the week on Thursday, Texas Tech threw a monkey wrench to the BCS machine that was just beginning to churn somewhat normally.

Oklahoma's loss provided new life to the BCS title quests of West Virginia and Ohio State. And even Arizona State, with a key game against USC on Thanksgiving, might get back in the race as well.

The Guru projects that LSU will remain No. 1, Kansas will be the new No. 2, with West Virginia moving into No. 3, followed by Missouri, Ohio State and Arizona State. Every BCS conference team below No. 6 has at least two losses, and for now, is out of the title race.

Ohio State's victory might also have driven a large nail to the coffin, if not the final one, of Hawai'i's hopes of qualifying for a BCS berth. With the Top 16 clause not likely in effect, the Warriors will need a minor miracle to get into the Top 12, and with it, an automatic BCS berth.

The Guru's projected Top 15: 1. LSU; 2. Kansas; 3. West Virginia; 4. Missouri; 5. Ohio State; 6. Arizona State; 7. Georgia; 8. Virginia Tech; 9. Oregon; 10. Oklahoma; 11. USC; 12. Florida; 13. Texas; 14. Virginia; 15. Boston College.

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