Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Curse of No. 2

For the third times this season, the second-ranked team in the BCS standings -- official or otherwise -- bit the dust. What Boston College's loss leaves us is a mad scramble by a group of one-loss teams for the coveted No. 2 spot, behind undefeated Ohio State.

The Guru projects that LSU will reclaim this position after a narrow victory over Alabama, with a reasonable lead over Oregon at No. 3. After that, there will be a significant dropoff to No. 4 Kansas, the only other BCS conference team without a loss, and No. 5 Oklahoma.

The Big Six conferences also will be scrambling for at-large berths. With Hawai'i still in striking distance for a guaranteed bid, that means three or four of these conferences will obtain the lucrative second bid. Each conference has at least two teams in the top 15, with the Big XII having three teams in the Top 10.

The Guru's Projected Top 15: 1. Ohio State, 2. LSU, 3. Oregon, 4. Kansas, 5. Oklahoma, 6. West Virginia, 7. Arizona State, 8. Missouri, 9. Boston College, 10. Georgia, 11. Virginia Tech, 12. Michigan, 13. Connecticut, 14. Hawai'i, 15. USC.

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