Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Tigers Are Baaaaaaaack ...

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- It took only a week, but it looks as though the LSU Tigers are right back where they were two weeks ago -- in the national championship hunt.

After last night's last-second thriller over Auburn, the Tigers should collect enough human votes, along with a stellar computer ranking, to edge Boston College for the second spot in the new BCS standings. Ohio State, of course, remains No. 1.

After BC, there will be a significant drop to Oklahoma. West Virginia, Oregon, Arizona State, Virginia Tech, Kansas and Florida round out the top 10.

Despite their impressive showing against Notre Dame, the USC Trojans are still just outside of the Top 10. Let's face it, this horrible joke of an Irish football team is not helping anybody's computer rating, so SC will have to wait until next week's showdown at Eugene for a chance to reclaim a spot in the Top 10.

To recap, this is the Guru's projected Top 15:

1. Ohio State, 2. LSU, 3. Boston College, 4. Oklahoma, 5. West Virginia, 6. Oregon, 7. Arizona State, 8. Virginia Tech, 9. Kansas, 10. Florida, 11. Missouri, 12. USC, 13. South Florida, 14. Kentucky, 15. South Carolina.

(more to come Sunday night)

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