Thursday, October 4, 2007

Introducing ... Guru's List

You can't buy your way onto this list, but you can certainly play your way onto it. The Guru's List is the prime real estate in the BCS Universe, with some locations the choicest.

Without further delay, here it is:

Gold: Never mind the back-and-forth jockeying between USC and LSU for the No. 1 spot. If both teams remain undefeated, they will meet in New Orleans for the first Pac-10-SEC title game in the BCS Era. Add California to the mix as well.

Silver: These teams are one loss away from being completely eliminated from BCS championship considerations. However, they are very much in the mix for a BCS bowl bid -- Boston College, Oklahoma, South Florida, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Florida.

Bronze: It's a little early for a complete rundown, as 20-plus teams are still in contention to win their respective BCS conferences and thus earn a BCS bowl berth. The only non-BCS school currently has a place here is Hawai'i.

And for Week 6, these are the BCS Buster Games:

5-Star: Florida at LSU -- The Gators' loss to Auburn last week kept this game from being a Super Nova, but still, this figures to be the Tigers' toughest game of the season. A night game at Death Valley usually means, well, death, for the visiting team. The Gators' slim repeat hopes will hang in the balance.

4-Star: Kentucky at South Carolina (Thursday night) -- Is this where Kentucky's improbable joyride comes to an end? You'd almost have to say yes. Steve Spurrier is 14-0 all-time against the Wildcats.

3-Star: Wisconsin at Illinois -- Is there a less impressive undefeated team than Wisconsin? Don't think so. Tell you this much: No one is thinking about starting a web site in Champagne right now.

2-Star: Oklahoma vs. Texas at Dallas -- Talk about a sudden fall. This went from potentially the second-biggest game of the week to just about an afterthought after both teams' stunning upset losses last week. OU has a lot more to be mad about, though.

1-Star: Ohio State at Purdue -- The Boilermakers made it to 5-0 by beating two MAC teams, Big Ten bottom feeder Minnesota and I-AA outfits Eastern Illinois and Notre Dame (oops, did I really write that?). Now comes the real test ... and it won't be close.

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